High Speed Rural Internet Service

Exede rural internet service is America’s best choice for satellite internet. Still struggling with unreliable internet? Exede is tailored to provide lightning fast internet to folks living outside the busy city. In just a few clicks, we can help connect you with blazing wifi speeds up to 25Mbps - available in select areas. Make the switch to Exede satellite internet and start surfing the web at lightning fast speeds with proven reliability. Stop struggling and get connected once and for all. Living off the beaten path? No problem. Search for rural internet service in your area using our zipcode search.

"When Exede came out, I was ecstatic! It was just as fast as the other choices that are offered in town. I feel like I live in the real world again."

Award Winning Performance

Exede holds a world record as the highest-capacity communications satellite in the galaxy. One thing that can be said about an award winning satellite internet solution is that if everything is above and beyond in space technology, just imagine having that quality of lightning-fast wifi connection in your home, anywhere you live.

If that isn't enough, Exede has also been recognized by the FCC for three years in a row, between 2013 and 2015, for consistently delivering at or above advertised speeds. With Exede, a handshake is more than just a shake of hands; you get what you pay for and more. In fact, in the 2015 report, Exede download speeds delivered over 100% of what was advertised, while upload speeds soared beyond 150% of advertised speeds.


  • Lightning fast download speeds
  • Available wherever you live
  • 3 year price lock guarantee
  • Free standard installation
  • Award winning performance
  • Trusted by over 500,000
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable bundled options
  • Flexible plans

Super Fast Rural Internet Service

With download speeds up to 25 Mbps in select areas, you can finally enjoy surfing the internet, watching videos, and catching up on your social media networks with pleasure. We understand that having a lightning-fast internet connection in your country home is a necessity. There's no longer a need to settle for dial up or sub-par internet anymore. Exede has solved this issue across the country, no matter where you decide to stake your flag.

Do you need true broadband speed? Choose any of our Exede residential internet plans and double your speed up to 25Mbps for just $10 more per month, available in select areas. That's the fastest satellite internet service available anywhere in the country! Experience the new era of rural internet service. Call and ask a representative to customize a satellite internet plan for you today.

Available Wherever You Live

Rural communities benefit the most from satellite internet. It's very simple. The primary reason to try satellite internet is to achieve a fast internet connection in a remote area. This is not a known fact, but this is actually the ultimate reason behind the need for satellite internet service in the first place! Exede is available just about everywhere in the U.S. - even in many places where cable and fiber just can't or won't reach.

Exede delivers blazing internet speeds to rural communities across the United States. Without the need to be connected to a cable or phone line, you can now enjoy the freedom of satellite internet. Bundle with home phone or TV and save $10 per month over your initial 12 months - that's $120 in savings. Learn more about our bundles.


Free Installation

Now in select areas, you can enjoy free satellite internet installation from Exede, period. That’s right, one of our trained experts will come install all of the required equipment for you. All you need is a Mac or PC and we will have you connected to the internet with a lightning fast connection, you don't even need to own a modem.

Exede has simplified the setup process by delivering everything you need right to your door. All you have to do is give us a ring and one of our customer service specialists will tell you if you qualify for free installation and help schedule a convenient appointment. Just be home on the day of your appointment, it's that easy.

"People complain a lot about how bad their internet service is; and that's when I jump in and say, "That's because you haven't tried the new Exede internet."


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