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Reliable High Speed Internet in Cambridge, ID

Lightning Fast Satellite Internet - Available in your area!

Having trouble finding a quality high-speed internet service in Cambridge, ID? Exede satellite internet offers blazing wifi speeds to rural communities across the country. Times have changed, life relies heavily on having a fast, reliable internet connection. This has become essential to keep up with friends and family in today's busy world.

Even while living in Cambridge, ID you can stay connected with a powerful satellite internet service. You may have been told that your only optoins are dial-up or DSL, but Exede changes all of that. Exede offers super-fast internet no matter where you live. With Exede's nationwide coverage, we have satellite internet for everyone. All you need in order to get blisteringly quick internet speeds is a view of the southern sky. With speeds up to 275 times faster than dial up, Exede internet delivers lightning fast internet to all parts of the United States.


Did you know that DSL and cable speed rely on being only a short distance over a wire to a centralized hub for fast internet service? With Exede, a beam of information is sent via satellite at the speed of light to provide internet to your home in Cambridge, ID. Satellite internet does not rely on any short wiring restrictions to get fast download speeds anywhere in the country.

Browse through Exede's tiered plans to find a price and data amount that will fit your needs and budget. Beyond that, in select plans, you can enjoy unlimited data usage during the hours of 3am – 8am EST you will receive extra data that will allow you to download updates and larger files and not eat into your normal data capacity that you use for day to day activities.


Exede has been known for its 24/7 customer service, with live chat available over the net or by phone. If you ever experience an issue with your service, Exede will be there with groomed experience and all the technical expertise you need.

Right now, expert representatives are standing by to give you the best rural satellite internet service available in Cambridge, ID. Call now and save even more by bundling Exede Voice for your home phone and/or DIRECTV for your entertainment needs. Get more, save more and call now.


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